Spirit Masks

Spirit Masks


An installation named "The Earth Transforms Us" at the Blue Heron Preserve in 2016 for two months. Using raw lizella clay from Lizella, Georgia, twelve large (14"x 16") faces were created and placed in a round formation depicting the hours of a clock. Twelve also pointing to the twelve months of the year.

Photos were taken of the site every week for 7 weeks to show how the elements slowly eroded the raw clay away making some of the faces appear eerie. Grass seeds were spread on top and around the masks and every week the grass would grow inch by inch.


With our grounds in cities being covered over with concrete and asphalt, the seeds of trees and plantings have no place to grow. This installation is about all the dead seeds that had no earth to grow into trees and plantings.


 Paintings that have been published as book covers etc.

INSTALLATION: Listening to Water

An installation of clay raindrops on water. During heavy rains, you can hear the sounds of water hitting the clay pieces